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Calm Returns to Yei-Gov’t

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SPLA Soldiers


Following several weeks of clashes between government and armed insurgents allied to Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) of Riek Machar, calm has finally returned to the town according to the Yei River State Information Minister Stephen Lado .

The minister attributed the change in the situation after the deployment of officers from the National Security Service (NSS).

“The team was deployed in the town recently to maintain security.The officers are working alongside the police, SPLA, and other security organs jointly deployed in the area last month”, Lado said.

Mr Lado stressed that the security situation has improved and citizens are moving freely since the deployment of these forces.

He told the media that the national security, deployed this week, has managed to break up all the roads blocks in Yei town in cooperation with the joint forces.

“This national security plus the joint operation have made it very peaceful for the people of Yei River State,” Mr Lado stated.

“They are also friendly to the citizens; citizens are now very happy to see that the national government has intervened in Yei [issues] and brought the situation to normal.”

However, Daniel Lado, a resident of Yei dismisses the government’s claim and said that most citizens still live in fear especially at night.

Last weekend an armed group operating in the outskirts of the town claimed they overrun Lasu and Lobongo villages outside of the town, a common border between with DRC.

They further claimed to have captured Ombachi in Otogo Payam on Wednesday at around 4:00pm local time though the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) didn’t comment on the rebels claims.


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