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Gov’t beefs up security ahead of christmas

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Security has been beefed up in all parts of the country as citizens prepare to celebrate Christmas.

In Terekeka State, the government has deployed security forces along major roads connecting the state with the neighboring states.

Governor Juma Ali Malou says the forces are to provide protection to travelers during the Christmas and New Year festivals.

“We’ve done a lot of preparation so the citizens can celebrate in a conducive environment,” Mr Malou said during a press conference at the Jubek state government secretariat Thursday.

“All the roads will be safe because we have deployed forces along Terekeka roads, starting from Kuda, up to our boarder with Western Lakes in the town of Wileyan.”

Mr Ali also warned individuals in the state against celebratory shooting during the festivities, saying the leadership would not tolerate such act.

He added that anyone found disobeying the order will be punished, but did not mention what kind of punishment.


Meanwhile Gbudwe State Police Commissioner directed organized forces not to shoot guns during Christmas and New Year celebrations.


James Monday Enoka on said says there should be no random shooting during the festival, promising to punish violators.


He discourages rumours during the festival and urges citizens to report any suspected issue to police station for quick action.


The Police Commissioner revealed that police officers have been deployed to all churches in Yambio to protect Christians during the celebrations.


In a related development,the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba says there will be no evening prayers on  christmas eve in Juba due to security fears.

Paulino Lokudu Loro says several armed people prefers shooting guns in the air during Christmas eve, and this is a concern for the church.

traditionally, christians holds midnight mass on christmas eve. it is believed that Jesus was born at night (based in luke 2:6-8), in commemoration of his birth.

But Archbishop Lokudu said as a precautionary measures, there will be no night fellowship or Midnight Mass on the night of December 24th.

“You always shoot guns, who do you think will come for prayers? So that is the reason,” said Lokudu.

He appealed for restrains and avoidance of killing or stealing as people celebrate Christmas.


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