About Us

Talk of Juba is a South Sudanese nonprofit youth media organisation that aims to inform and educate South Sudan citizens of today and tomorrow. We provide context, analysis and multiple perspectives on South Sudan news, politics, economics, business and culture.

We have a crowdsourced journalism model that combines a wide funnel with a strong filter. This means that while anyone can write for us, every article we publish has to meet our editorial guidelines. We have contributors from all over the country, including academics and eminent professionals, journalists and students. Our audience is global and Google tells us that it comes from all over South Sudan and the region. 

2: What do we do?

Talk of Juba publishes content on a daily basis. Our focus is on issues that really matter to South Sudan, be it environmental challenges or scientific innovations, economic trends or political developments, humanitarian crises or social movements.

We publish a unique analysis that delves deep into an issue. It places the topic in context and then elicits many views on it. Our premise is that everyone has a bias and all of us have blindsides, but when we come together, we have a better approximation of the truth.

Our mission is to inform and to educate. Therefore, we produce in-depth reports, publications and videos on various issues. Our reports and publications are meant for the public and are of particular use to policy analysts, business professionals and students.